Thankful for… Shopping

The checkout line in Best Buy filled the entire store during an extremely foggy “Black Friday”. The line to get in Best Buy wrapped around the entire store and went on for more than a block after that.

Credit: Jason Hall

In one day, Americans spent about $8.96 billion.

The day after Thanksgiving, “Black Friday,” has traditionally been the beginning of holiday shopping season.

According to Shoppertrak RTC Corporation’s National Retail Sales Estimate, Black Friday sales went up 6 percent from last year – a growth of $8,955 million.

On Friday morning, area stores opened their doors as early as 5 a.m.

Customers outside Kohl’s in the Stow-Kent shopping center waited up to 30 minutes in lines stretching halfway around the store. The lines moved quickly, and customers generally seemed satisfied. Most shoppers said they were able to find everything on their lists.

However, some customers were discouraged by the long wait.

“I went to buy a shirt, and the line was back to the towels,” said Samantha Childress, freshman music education major. “It was really bad.”

Freshman biochemistry major Katherine Wingate skipped the lines altogether – she visited New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia in the evening to avoid holiday traffic.

Kori Fields, freshman fashion merchandising major, spent a couple hours at Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn, Mich.

“The lines were average,” Fields said. “There were just a lot of people in the stores.”

Although Black Friday sales usually are not accurate in predicting sales for the entire holiday season, Shoppertrak reported that this year’s increase in sales should leave retailers feeling positive throughout December.

– Kiera Manion-Fischer

What gifts are in high demand?

• Elmo TMX by Fisher-Price

• Kid Tough Digital Camera by Fisher-Price

• Butterscotch Pony Furreal Friends by Hasbro

• Monopoly Here and Now by Hasbro

• Nintendo Wii by Nintendo

• Playstation 3 by Sony