24 Hours in Portage County

Tom Acord, 67, of Ravenna flies his model airplane in an open field in Ravenna. Acord, who has been flying for 10 years, has a philosophy that, “If it isn’t raining bricks or snowing ice cubes, I’m out here.” GAVIN JACKSON

Credit: Meranda Watling

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Twenty-four hours in Portage County is meant to help the Kent State community understand its county better through photographs.

We have, for our second year, documented a day’s worth of activity in the county. These images were captured on Oct. 6.

The thought of capturing an entire community’s personality in 24 hours is mind-boggling, and further condensing it to eight pages and 45 photographs is even more challenging.

But thanks to a dedicated group of 17 Kent State photojournalism students, both past and present, we believe our attempt is true-to-life and to Portage County.

Enjoy the photographs, read the captions and discover things you may never have seen or known about in Portage County.

Gavin Jackson

Daily Kent Stater Photo Editor