BET comedian shines at Homecoming show

David Yochum

Steve Wilson went to college for two days.

Then he realized he was paying to get F’s.

“Back in high school my F’s were free,” Wilson said. “If I kept failing, they even told me they’d call my daddy.”

The threat made Wilson all smiles.

“I was like, ‘They gonna find my daddy!'”

Wilson hosted the Black United Students and All Campus Programming Board’s 2006 Homecoming Comedy Show Friday where former BET Comic View host Arnez J took audiences outside his parents bedroom, inside an airplane with Sept. 11 hijackers and to his first colonoscopy.

Arnez J said if more blacks were on the hijacked Sept. 11 airplanes, the terrorists would have lost any fight.

“Black guys would be like, ‘a box cutter? … That’s all you got?'”

Arnez J also stormed through Hurricane Katrina and discussed his life with a mentally challenged brother, but not before comedian Kevin Hart hit the auditorium stage talking about crazy moments in life.

“I’m talkin’ like next time you’re going up in a crowded elevator, just stand there, stare at the buttons and yell each floor number as it goes by – people be walkin’ right out.”

Some of the biggest laughs were saved until the last 20 minutes of the show when Arnez J shared stories about uncontrollably passing gas after a colonoscopy and growing up with his mentally challenged brother Rodney.

“One night I was sleepin’ and Rodney was just standing there, peeing in my face. Then he tried walkin’ away pretending he was sleepwalking,” he said.

Carla Smith, BUS programming chair, said she was very pleased with the show.

“I don’t even remember what all (Arnez J) said,” she said. “It was just funny.”

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