Library offers voter registration

Rebecca Moidel

The procrastinating college student still has a chance to meet today’s voter registration deadline.

Registration forms, as well as general voting information and absentee ballots, will be available this week at the reference desk on the first floor of the library.

Joe Salem, head of reference and government information services, said forms must be completed and dropped off at the reference desk by 3:30 p.m. today. The library offers free postage for all forms left at the desk by the deadline.

Students who are already registered at home or in another state are asked to fill out an absentee ballot, which may be downloaded online. Salem said the deadline for absentee ballots is the end of the day on Oct. 31.

“The earlier you get them in the better. Students must get ballots in by the close of polls,” he said.

Salem said if a student is from a different state, the reference desk will contact his or her board of elections to request an absentee ballot, which will be sent directly back to the student’s home county board of elections.

Students should use their permanent address when filling out their applications, Salem said. Campus addresses may be used, but students should keep in mind these addresses must be updated each year. Salem said it’s best for students to use their permanent address when registering to vote to avoid complications with financial aid.

Senior advertising major Pat Bauch is registered to vote in Summit County and Tallmadge and has voted in past elections.

“People die to give us the right to vote and to give us a voice in this country,” Baugh said. “It would be an insult to them not to exercise our given right.”

He said although he has a lot left to learn about current issues, he plans on participating in the upcoming elections.

Salem said the last few elections have been close, and it’s never been more critical to participate, adding that getting people into the voting scene shouldn’t be a challenge.

“Voting has never been easier to do,” Salem said. “If we have learned anything from the last few elections, it’s that our view matters.”

Closer to the election, polling locations will be posted online. For any additional information or questions regarding voter registration, visit or contact Salem at [email protected].

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