Rec Center ‘dives’ into film

Sean Daugherty

Instead of watching a movie from the cramped back seat of a car at the drive-in, students can grab a noodle and join the pirates at the “dive-in.”

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is featuring Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest tonight as part of a university-wide effort to provide students with alternative weekend activities.

The event offers students a chance to watch a movie on a 10- by-12 foot screen while floating on inner tubes or lounging in chairs around the pool.

“Our main intent is to provide activities geared specifically toward students,” said Paula Murray, assistant director of marketing at the rec center. “This is their building.”

The rec center, the Center for Student Involvement and the residence halls are developing consistent weekly activities for students on campus, including Krazy Karaoke on Thursdays at the Rathskeller and Friday night movies at different locations across campus.

“Our intention is to get more late-night programming on campus,” Dean of Students Greg Jarvie said, “particularly on Friday and Saturday.”

Many students go home or find things to do off campus on the weekends instead of staying on campus, he said.

In addition to the “dive-in,” the rec center will host an event the first Friday of each month for the rest of the semester and possibly into the spring semester. The events are still in preliminary stages, but will include a game night and a competition similar to the former Nickelodeon show “GUTS.”

The marketing department is promoting the “dive-in” with posters, online advertising, movie ticket giveaways and even Captain Jack Sparrow himself, or at least someone dressed up as him.

Murray said she hopes the events will become part of students’ routines.

“We want students to know there is something going on at the rec the first Friday of every month,” she said.

Freshman exploratory major Corey Farrow said he has trouble finding things to do on the weekends, and he supports events such as the dive-in.

“I’d prefer if everyone stayed on campus for the weekend,” he said. “So if it keeps people on campus, I’m all for it.”

Jarvie said it is important to offer students clean, fun alternatives to the traditional downtown events, such as bars and parties.

“This is their campus,” he said. “They should have fun on weekends here.”

Murray and Jarvie both said they are open to suggestions or any other sort of help for future activities.

The dive-in begins at 10 p.m. and lasts until 1 a.m. Admission is free for students and their guests. A taco bar and other snacks and drinks will be provided.

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