Letters to the Editor

Homecoming king deserves a picture

Dear Editor,ÿÿÿ

To say the least, there are a number of individuals who are highly disappointed and baffled as to why there were no photos published of Jamal Redding (Mr. KSU), in last Monday’s edition of the Daily Kent Stater.

While the average person is well aware of the fact that the major focus of the homecoming honor is bestowed upon the queen — and rightly so — any fair-minded person would expect to see a photo of the king as well. If an institution of higher learning feels it important enough to go through the process of electing a king to represent the school, as well as a queen, then common courtesy would dictate that he too should have a photo published. Even a small one will suffice, if nothing more but to put a face with the name. It is an honor for him as well!

It is my hope that in the future, Mr. KSU’s picture, along with Ms. KSU’s, are featured together in the school’s newspaper that celebrates and highlights the homecoming events.

It’s only fair and courteous!

Melissa Hartman

Atlanta, Georgia

Turnout at event disappointing

Dear Editor,

On Sunday last week, the Kent State Chapter of Women in Aviation (The Flying Black Squirrels) had their annual wine tasting fund raiser to raise money to go to the annual conference, this year being held in Florida. For $50 the tasting included nine different wines along with a buffet dinner. If you have ever been to a wine tasting you know that $50 is a standard price to pay for the event, especially since it is a fund raiser.

To publicize the event we distributed 3,000 fliers to the faculty of the university. Of the 3,000 faculty members that knew about the tasting, only three decided to show up and support us!

It really makes me sick that the faculty at the College of Technology and the airport wouldn’t even come out! These people are supposed to be our mentors and lead us through college, but when it comes down to it, they all have better things to do. What is especially frustrating is the fact that so many of the faculty members are frequent wine drinkers, but when it comes down to it, they all have better things to do.

But I guess the students still weren’t important enough. It has really made the students feel that we aren’t a priority to the staff; we are only a means for a paycheck. Thanks to all of you who supported our event, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like we will be able to attend the conference this year.

Jennifer Milburn

Senior aeronautics major

New state hiring law bad news

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing on the front page of the Oct. 23 Kent Stater Ohio’s new hilarious if chilling regulation regarding the hiring of potential terrorists by this fine university, or any other public institution, whereby applicants will be queried as to their political pasts.

For starters, who would answer a question such as, “Do you now or have you ever supplied money or materials to a terrorist group?” (OK, I did do a benefit concert for Hezbollah once, but that was before they started lobbing missiles into Israel.)

Second, some of the groups listed on the “Terrorist Exclusion List,” such as The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas de Autodefensa de Colombia presumably too difficult for the Yankees to pronounce), are notorious for serving pro-American governments, like the narco-cracy of Bogota.

Third, notice that all the charities checked off on this list provide relief for the followers of a just one monotheistic religion, albeit with over 1 billion followers.

Get real, Kent State! Do the math on these three points. Future applicants for university employment will not be screened on the basis of their political history but by skin color and accent: Only fair-skinned Caucasoids with impeccable English need apply.

Laura Bush could pass this test. Georgie Boy couldn’t.

Assad Pino

Associate professor of history