Students use of KAPS is low

Matthew White

Senior aeronautics major Philip Oskey is exactly the sort of student the university registrar’s office is targeting in its KAPS campaign.

“I’ve heard of it (KAPS), but I haven’t used it,” Oskey said. “I don’t think there’s any need to. I use the degree requirement sheet when I schedule classes.”

Oskey, who is in his second year at Kent State because he took post-secondary courses in high school, said KAPS was mentioned during his orientation class, but that its use wasn’t stressed.

“KAPS was presented as more of something for upperclassmen,” he said. “A last-minute way to organize your classes when the order you take them in is critical.”

Oskey’s opinion seemed to be common among students.

Kelsey Wilcox, freshman business and fashion merchandising major, said that she hasn’t used KAPS.

“Basically, I met with my adviser and got a planning sheet. I schedule my classes on Web for Students.”

Brett MacDonald, sophomore criminal justice major, seems to be the rare exception — a student who’s actually had KAPS recommended to him.

“My adviser told me about KAPS when I signed up for my major,” he said. “But I haven’t used it. I haven’t needed to.”

Despite his lack of KAPS use, Oskey said that it could be useful.

“It depends upon the complexity of your major and the bookkeeping involved,” he said. “Classes must be scheduled strategically as to when they’re offered. Some classes are offered only in the spring or only in the fall.”

Wilcox said that she was willing to try out KAPS.

“I think KAPS could be good,” she said. “I think I will check out KAPS, and see what my GPA percentage is at.”

MacDonald said he thinks KAPS would be good for some students.

“I think it can be useful to people switching majors,” he said.

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