10 scholarships for students studying fashion design or merchandising


Plaques with all the donors of scholarship’s names hang on the second floor of Rockwell Hall, the fashion building.

Hailey Phillips Reporter

The Fashion School at Kent State awards scholarships to students of all class ranks studying fashion design and fashion merchandising each year. The deadline to apply for scholarships is in January, but applications are available every school year. 

The scholarship committee selects the winners and awards the students, said fashion professor Rachel LoMonaco-Benzing, who is on the committee of about seven people. Each scholarship has its own requirements. The requirements vary between financial need, GPA, passion, etc. 

“We have some [scholarships] that are specific to our study-away program,” said LoMonaco-Benzing. “We have a number of other ones available for design or merchandising students that are related to financial need or academic performance or their passion for their field.”

Fashion design or merchandising students – start listening now. Here are 10 of the scholarships to apply for next year.

1. Chester R. Edwards Endowed Fashion Scholarship

Students are eligible for the scholarship in their sophomore, junior or senior year of studying design. Chester Edwards, donor of this scholarship, was passionate about Florence, Italy, and wants to help students in financial need have the opportunity to study abroad.

2. David A. Jewell Memorial Award

Merchandising students of sophomore standing or higher are eligible for this scholarship. It goes to students from Trumbull or Mahoning County who are self-financing their education.

3. Don Witkowski Fashion Merchandising Endowed Scholarship

Students studying merchandising who are sophomores, juniors or seniors are eligible for this scholarship. It goes to students with a 3.0 GPA or higher, who are passionate about fashion merchandising and can make an impact on the industry, specifically looking for a focus on menswear.

4. Donna Hayes Endowed Fashion Design Scholarship

Junior or senior design majors are eligible for this scholarship. It supports students planning a school-approved internship in New York City.

5. The Fashion School Study-Away Endowment Program Fund

Both junior and senior design and merchandising majors are eligible. This fund supports students in any Study-Away program and the expenses toward it. 

6. Linda Allard and Herb Gallen Scholarship for Fashion Design

Junior and senior design majors are eligible for this scholarship. Students with strong academic performances and creativity are awarded this scholarship. It also looks for students with financial need.

7. The Margaret Clark Morgan Endowed Scholarship

Freshmen design majors with a 3.25 GPA are eligible for this scholarship. Students who meet the requirements will be mailed the application. If awarded the scholarship, students will continue to receive the scholarship through their schooling as long as they continue to have a 3.25 or higher GPA.

8. Mary K.W. and Marc Hutchinson Study-Abroad Scholarship for the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising

Design and merchandising majors of junior or senior standing are eligible for this scholarship. Students studying in a university approved study-abroad program and show a strong need for financial aid are preferred. Students with academic success and involvement in extracurricular activities should apply.

9. Nancy McCann Endowed Award

Junior or senior design and merchandising majors are eligible for this scholarship. There is no application. The scholarship will be awarded to a student who shows creativity in fashion show production. 

10.  Shannon Rodgers Endowed Scholarship

Sophomores, juniors or seniors studying design and merchandising are eligible. Friends of Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman, who the Fashion School is named after, created this scholarship to honor them. The scholarship is awarded to students who showcase strong academic performance and creativity.

The Fashion School website can provide more information on these scholarships and several others. Fashion design and merchandising majors should be prepared to apply next semester for the scholarship opportunities awarded by the Fashion School.

Hailey Phillips is a fashion reporter. Contact her at [email protected].