Tropidelic brings warm, reggae flavor to Robin Hood

Madelyn Otcasek

With rock music being the dominating genre in the Kent music scene, lead singer of hip-hop/ rock group Tropidelic, Matthew “Roads” Andrle, sees the need for change.

“No one here does hip-hop,” he said.

The band formed about two years ago when Andrle and guitarist Kyle “Chevontez” Cheuvront, heard each other jamming in the residence halls and decided to start playing with each other.

After collaborating, they met Erick “Skillzz” Steckel and recruited him as their hype man and rapper. Along the way they also picked up a bassist, Neal Badlato, and drummer Rob Paterniter, who found them on MySpace several months ago.

Andrle said the band set themselves apart from the usual hip-hop ensemble because it only raps about what it believes in.

“(It’s) something people can have fun with,” he said.

“It’s the best of what we can in the place we’re at … we make quality music, real and fresh,” Andrle said.

Their reggae/hip-hop/rock inspirations are reflected with their influences that include 311, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Atmosphere and Bob Marley.

Cheuvront is excited about the band’s new lineup. Before Paterniter came along, he said they used drum tracks, and it restricted the band to only improvising with the guitars.

“(We) put more energy into preparing the show,” he said. “It feels good now.”

“We like good vibrations and doing good things,” Andrle said, referring to the band’s recent gigs at Relay for Life last April and an open benefit over the summer for someone who had diabetes.

Cheuvront also said they are happy with the Kent music scene.

“The clubs are very supportive of the local music,” he said.

The band said it is thrilled about playing with 1959 tomorrow night.

“They’re good guys, and we’re excited to play with some quality bands,” Andrle said.

They’re working on putting together their first album, named 3 Blocks to Paradise that it’s hoping to release in early 2007.

The band has a purpose besides playing music, Steckel said.

“Keep the Tropidelic funk love flowing through your veins,” he said.

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1959 with Tropidelic and Funk Rocket

Where? The Robin Hood

When? Tomorrow at 9 p.m.

How much? $3 over/ $5 under