Resource Center hosts mammograms tomorrow

Allison Bray

Faculty and their spouses will have the opportunity to get a mammography screening tomorrow at the Women’s Resource Center.

The Tiffany Breast Care Center will be giving the mammograms in a mobile mammography van in front of the center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Mammograms are available to women 40 years of age or older.

When a woman goes to the van, she will fill out a history sheet before being screened.

“The mammogram takes about 15 minutes and you’ve got a changing room for privacy,” said Cheryl Scherl, marketing director for mobile mammography.

“The mammograms are done in a separate room in back, “she said. “All the mammogram technicians are board certified female technicians.”

If the woman has had a mammogram before, she must sign a release form so her previous files may be obtained, Scherl said.

The doctor will then compare the two, and a report is sent to a doctor the patient specifies. The patient will also get a results letter, she said.

Hilda Pettit had a few reasons for having the mammograms on campus.

“The Women’s Resource Center offers mammograms to women because (breast cancer) is a very serious women’s health issue,” she said.

“Broadly speaking, all women have about a one in seven chance of developing breast cancer, and one in 34 women will die from it.”

Scherl wants women to be proactive about breast cancer.

“You (should) get one baseline mammogram between the ages of 35 and 40, and then one mammogram per year after the age of 40,” she said.

Women also need to do monthly self breast exams, she said.

Those interested must register by calling the resource center at (330) 672-9230.

Payment can be made through insurance, or $50 self-pay for those who do not have insurance, said Hilda Pettit, coordinator of the resource center.

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