Sextoberfest overflows with games, togas, prizes

Noelle Pennyman

Freshman broadcast major Tiffany Fuchs (left) and Stephanie Neuber, freshman visual communication design major, blow up condoms as part of a contest at Sextoberfest in Eastway Center last night. The event included games like “condom cornhole,” “lube ring

Credit: John Proppe

The loud beats of the club music and laughter of hundreds of people made it easy to forget that this was a sex education program.

Sextoberfest, sponsored by Kent Interhall Council, attracted wall-to-wall crowds into Eastway’s Upper Lounge.The line to sign-in went downstairs and poured into Allyn and Clark halls.

“I think it’s crazy,” said Katelyn Docherty, freshman athletic training major. “It’s a good turnout.”

She said she thinks the program is important because it makes people aware of making good choices about sex. She said she liked the flyers the most because they’re educational.

“It’s like a party more than anything else,” she said.

Men and women dressed in colorful togas were easy to spot as they made their way through the event.

Samuel Monte, senior post-secondary integrated language arts major, dressed in a toga made of Ted Strickland flyers.

He said his friends persuaded him to wear the toga and a black wig.

“I have this duct taped to my chest hair, I better enter (the contest),” he said.

Crowds of people gathered at each table eager to play games or get free stuff. Some of the games the residence halls sponsored were “Aphrodite Aphrodisiac Pong,” “Sex Lingo” and “Psyche’s Memory Game.” Another game involved putting condoms on bananas while blindfolded.

Manchester and Fletcher halls sponsored the “Psyche’s Memory Game” and had Playboy magazines along with porn videos at their table.

Sophomore psychology major Kaci Lashley said she came to Sextoberfest because of the advertising within her hall.

“It’s sex,” she said. “It’s the free condoms.”

Lashley said she thinks it’s good that Sextoberfest occurs once a year because it wouldn’t be as big as it is.

“I think it’s more for fun, but it has a serious side,” she said. “But I don’t think no one pays attention to that.”

Every table contained condoms of different sizes and flavors. People in togas walked around to offer people condoms and snacks on trays.

The tables also gave away free candy and lubrication products.

While the music was playing, people tried to turn open spaces into dance floors as they danced to the music.

Jarrett Dowey, sophomore business management major, said he came to the event to play the games and get free condoms. He said he thinks more space should have been provided to spread out the crowds.

“I like the togas,” he said, referring to the women. “They’re nice.”

Lashley said she thinks the program is important because it teaches students about safe sex because “there’s always unplanned pregnancy and STDs.”

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