Freshman to work with Roxy in NYC

Samantha Tosado

Fashion design student wins ‘Teen Vogue’ contest

Ashley Angresano, freshman fashion design major, holds the winning sketch of an outfit she designed for a contest in TeenVogue. Angresano and other contest winners are traveling to New York City this weekend to design a bathing suit for Roxy. LESLIE CUSA

Credit: Steve Schirra

Ever since her freshman year of high school, fashion design major Ashley Angresano has been into fashion.

“I wanted to be able to make my own clothing, so I asked my parents for a sewing machine,” Angresano said. “I started sewing just for fun.”

By 11th grade, Angresano knew she wanted to pursue fashion design as a career.

“I knew I wanted to do fashion when it was time to start looking for colleges,” she said.

Angresano wanted to start building her resume right away, so when an opportunity came her way this summer, she took it.

“Teen Vogue was doing a contest that you had to submit a design and write an essay about your inspiration as a designer, and then a month later, they e-mailed people that got accepted,” Angresano said. “A month later, I got the e-mail that said I was in.”

Winners chose companies, such as Tiffany and Company, to work with.

Angresano decided to help the Roxy’s head swim suit designer in New York City, along with 14 other girls, to design a bathing suit for this summer. She will also attend a seminar with Tim Gunn, chair of the department of Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design and consultant from “Project Runway.”

Being in the fashion business isn’t easy, said Sara Greaves, fashion fundamentals and fashion visuals professor. It takes hard work, dedication and drive.

“You need to have a natural ability,” Greaves said. “It’s super competitive. There’s so many companies. I can’t even stress how competitive.”

Greaves said the award shows a great initiative on Angresano’s part.

“It’s definitely a resume builder,” Greaves said. “It’s a great thing to put on one. You never know where it may lead. You have nothing to lose. It’s an awesome opportunity. If she’s already doing this as a freshman then I hope she pursues.”

Angresano said she hopes to open her own bridal shop in New York after she graduates.

“I just love what I do,” Angresano said.

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