Two local bands look to take Kent by storm

Madelyn Otcasek

Sanity Fare’s lead vocalist Jeff Gargas is psyched for his band’s show in Kent this weekend — and for good reason.

Gargas said this will be the band’s first concert since the members moved to Kent from Warren.

This four-piece rock ensemble has been around for nearly five years and still has its three original members: Brian Yost, drummer; Nathan Doutt, lead guitar; and Gargas. Bassist Nate Mahan was introduced to the other three through “a friend of a friend,” Gargas said.

The first song they wrote was “In My Underware.” In September 2005, Sanity Fare released its first full-length album, pretty basic., which was recorded in Yost’s basement recording studio.

Currently, they have a demo EP circulating to prepare fans for their second full-length album, which is due out sometime in December.

The band is hoping to wow the crowd.

“We have a good time,” said Gargas. “We get a little crazy. Nate will dance.”

Gargas said if they have a good crowd, he promises a dance-off.

This show is especially exhilarating for them because they will be playing with the Youngstown jam band Jones 4 Revival.

“We’ve played with them in Youngstown, (and) we have a blast when we play together,” Gargas said.

Jim Decapua, vocals and guitar of Jones 4 Revival, is also excited to play with Sanity Fare.

“(Sanity Fare) is different (from us), but our audiences usually mesh well,” he said. “We like keeping it mellow because I don’t like my ears hurting.”

After five years together, only two original players are left in the group, but the new players add “backbone,” Decapua said. They’ve added a new drummer, James Kent, as well as a keyboardist, Drew Ridgley.

“We just like to mess around,” said Decapua. “We stretch out our songs live … we don’t play anything the same way more than once.”

Jones 4 Revival’s influences range from jazz to alternative rock. Decapua cites his favorites, from Wes Montgomery to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and 311.

Currently, Decapus said, the band has yet to record in a studio but does have live recordings.

Both bands will be frequenting the area soon, playing at venues such as the Rathskeller and The Outpost.

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Sanity Fare

Playing with Jones 4 Revival

Where? The Robin Hood

When? Friday at 10 p.m.

How much? $5 over/ $7 under