Female suspected to have hepatitis A tested negative

Kali Price

A second suspected case of hepatitis A was confirmed to be negative yesterday.

A female student was hospitalized with symptoms similar to hepatitis A over the weekend and tests were ordered after a male student, who worked in University Dining Services, was found to have the virus Friday.

Investigators found no link between the two students.

University spokesman Ron Kirksey said he has heard the female student is recovering well.

“It was good news and a lot of hard work by people at the university and Kent city and the Portage County Health Department,” Kirksey said. “They mobilized very early once the case was confirmed on Friday.”

The male student’s case prompted University Health Services to give hundreds of immune globulin injections to members of five different organizations that ate catered meals the student helped prepare between Aug. 18 and 24.

As of yesterday afternoon more than 460 immunizations have been given, Kirksey said.

Kirksey said he is pleased with the actions the university took to contact the affected groups and give immunizations.

“This is the type of thing that could happen in a more serious case,” he said. “It’s good to know that the people and the organizations are in place to handle the things like this when it comes.”

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