Deadline tomorrow for May graduates

Matthew White

Students planning to graduate in May need to submit an application for graduation by tomorrow.

Students must pick up an application at their college’s academic advising office. Students can find the advising office for their college by visiting

Sandi Buckey, academic program specialist at the Office of Advising and Academic Services, said the Sept. 15 deadline has been advertised in university listservs, on the Web sites for individual colleges and on the university KAPS report system.

Buckey said that the Office of Advising and Academic Services checks the application for the declared major and minor, time stamps the application and keeps it until an audit is performed.

Mike Fofrich, a senior visual communication and design major, said the application process was fairly easy. He said the entire process took only a few minutes.

“I just filled out the application and turned it in,” he said.

Anne Mancine, clerical specialist at the Office of Advising and Academic Services, said students who turn their application in late need to attach a letter to it for the dean of their college, asking to be added late to the graduation list.

Fofrich said the deadline for submitting the application has been advertised pretty well, but he still had to tell several of his friends about it.

“Honestly, I can’t think of a better way it could be communicated,” he said.

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