Grad student to speak about Sudanese conflict, genocide

Leslie Arntz

The death toll in the Sudanese conflict in Darfur grows every day. The number of people standing witness to the suffering grows every day, too.

Dan Teng’o stands among them.

Teng’o, a journalism graduate student, will speak about his experiences and share photographs of the relief camps at noon Monday in the Verder Hall lounge.

“I feel that the info I have needs to be shared,” he said. “The things I saw, the things I heard, need to be.”

Teng’o spent a year working as a communications officer for World Vision International in the war-torn region neighboring his home in Kenya.

“It’s a story that is obviously close to him, but something not regularly covered in our news if you’re not looking for it,” said Marianne Warzinski, program coordinator for the CCI Commons, which is sponsoring the free event. “It will really personalize what is going on there … (the conflict has) been going on for three years and doesn’t seem to be getting better.”

Teng’o said news about the conflict shouldn’t be tucked away in the newspaper. He said people need to be aware not only of the suffering he saw, but also the hope.

“If the international community puts its heart into it, the conflict will end soon,” Teng’o said. “Everything that has a beginning has an end.”

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• 2003 – The year the conflict between the Sudanese government and the two rebel groups, the Justice Equality Movement and the Sudanese Liberation Army/Movement, began.

• 400,000 – The latest estimated death toll.

• 2 million – The estimated number of displaced people.

• 3.5 million – The estimated number of people reliant on international aid in refugee camps in Darfur and neighboring Chad.

• 17,000 – The number of troops the United Nations proposed to deploy to Darfur. The Sudanese government rejected the security council resolution Tuesday.