Price of doing laundry on campus increases

Tyrel Linkhorn

The price of washing a load of laundry in any one of Kent State’s residence halls has gone up 25 cents from last year to $1.25.

However, Jim Zentmeyer, residence services associate director, said he checked with 12 other major universities around Ohio and Kent State remains “the cheapest on tap.”

A one hour cycle for the dryers is 75 cents, unchanged from last year.

The price increase came from two factors, Zentmeyer said. The cost of utilities has increased, and the change machines, which formerly were serviced by Kent State employees, are now maintained by the same company that maintains the washers and dryers.

Still, for those students living in the residence halls, they might be the cheapest option in Kent.

“We do survey local Laundromats,” Zentmeyer said of how the university sets its prices.

He said washers are generally priced at $1.25 or more and called Kent State’s dryer prices “very competitive.”

Centennial F resident Steve Ontko, sophomore pre-economics major, said he does his laundry in the residence hall.

“There are new facilities, and it’s extremely convenient,” he said.

Ontko estimated he spends $5.50 on laundry every two weeks.

Freshman exploratory major Sharon Kirz also does her laundry on campus and said she spends about $6 every two weeks. The convenience of it is her primary reason.

“I don’t want to haul my laundry around campus, because I don’t have a car,” she said.

The money that Residence Services collects from their laundry facilities goes to student programming through Kent Interhall Council, Zentmeyer said.

The three coin operated laundries closest to campus are Campus Coin Laundry, Kent Laundromat and Laundry 101.

For a single-load washer, prices range from $1.25 to $1.75. Double-load dryers range from $1.75 to $2.25.

Campus Coin Laundry has the lowest prices of the three, but the other two, Kent Laundromat and Laundry 101, offer other services in addition to laundry.

Kent Laundromat has mini-storage and tanning beds. Laundry 101 offers a bar, food, pool table, multiple television sets and video arcade games.

Junior history major Chris Krattiger does his laundry at Laundry 101, even though it is a bit more expensive.

“Usually it’s because of the bar, but not today,” he said.

Krattiger estimated spending close to $10 a week on laundry.

Jason Van Aken, junior zoology major, also goes to Laundry 101. He said he typically spends $6 to $8 every two weeks.

“It’s the easiest place to come,” he said. “And the bar.”

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