Board of Trustees proposes increase in parking permit prices

Emily Williams Reporter

The Board of Trustees proposed an increase in parking permit prices for fall 2020 Wednesday morning. The recommended increase was $12, while parking tickets would rise by $5. 

Permit prices have not increased for twelve years. The boosts in prices would help pay for local road improvements and parking services funding. 

Trustee Donald Mason commented on the increase of the permits from a parent’s perspective, but noted he understood the need for the raise. 

The committee also discussed the plans for a new parking garage that would face Main Street. The project is a “good example of the relationship of the community, university and PARTA,” said Michael Bruder, executive director of facilities.  

The Board of Trustees was shown a video of what the new deck will look like from Main Street and from Terrace Drive. The video also showed a preview of the new business building. 

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