ACPB to bring back afternoon concerts

Lisa Hlavinka

This year the All Campus Programming Board is going old school, despite being short-staffed and hungry for more board members.

The ACPB is bringing back Nooners this fall -ÿone-hour concerts that are held in Risman Plaza on Tuesdays and Fridays. They have not been performed since 1997, ACPB president Shana Scott said.

“Nooners are afternoon concerts to help keep students on campus,” said Mike Hammond, who holds the board’s concert-booking seat. Hammond and Scott are determined to make sure Nooners and other fall events will help keep students on campus and help diminish Kent State’s reputation as a suitcase school.

ACPB is currently understaffed, which makes its goals and daily operations much more difficult. The group’s stage and finance chairs are empty, and it needs many more committee members to help decide who to book for concerts and guest speakers.

“Really what my (committee) members would do mostly is just having an opinion,” said Kelli Ciola, who is in charge of booking speakers for the group.

Ciola and her committee are setting up the battle of comedians, and said when it comes to booking speakers, the more opinions she receives, the better.

The finance chair sets up a budget for the group. “The empty finance chair just adds confusion because there’s money floating around that we don’t have a plan for, which we need to have a plan for, and that’s where the finance chair comes in,” ACPB marketing director Collin Shammo said.

The stage chair is in charge of setting up the stage for events, something the other board members have little time for outside their regular duties.

“On top of the other things we have going on, we’re stuck for additional hours to set up and take down the stage,” he said. “So it would be awesome to fill that seat.”

The stage chair and committee members are also in charge of stage production for graduation.

The application deadline to join the All Campus Programming Board is Sept. 28. Additional committee members are always welcome. For more information, visit

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