Don’t want to walk alone? Security can come to the aide

Sasha Parker

In the early hours of the morning, an abundance of yellow shirts reading “Security” can be seen meandering through halls and walkways.

Between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m., security aides patrol the residence halls, library and student center enforcing university policies and checking for safety issues.

Security aides ensure additional safety for residents and provide an escort service between campus buildings.

“If you have a late class, we can escort you to your dorm if you don’t feel safe walking on campus by yourself,” said Chase Johnson, a returning security area advisor.

To request an escort, contact the campus security dispatcher at 2-7004 or ask a security aide.

In addition to escorts, campus security offers crime prevention programs, free of charge, to protect students’ personal belongings.

Operation ID codes students’ personal items with a special number that can be used to identify the item in case it is stolen.

Security also runs a bike registration program for students. This program helps authorities recognize the bike in case it is stolen. To register your bike, stop by the security desk in Clark Hall or any area desk.

For more information about campus security, contact a security aide or call 2-7010.

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Being approached by a security aide can be quite intimidating but breath easy: Here are some tips to make things go as smooth as possible:

• Be respectful: As much as you hate being interrupted, security aides hate interrupting you. Being respectful will make things much easier on both ends.

• Cooperate: Your cooperation will make the situation go a lot quicker and will eliminate the chances of an insubordination write-up.

• Provide Accurate Information: When you provide accurate information, security aides can handle and assess situations in a faster manner.