Is this love? Choices for the perfect date

Caroline Lautenbacher

Your palms are sweaty. You finally have the courage to ask out that perfect person on a date. All of a sudden it dawns on you: Where should we go?

For all of you single freshman looking for the perfect place to go on a date, here is your guide to the most romantic, casual and fun places to go in Kent.

A first date is usually the most stressful. There are the questions of where to go, whether to bring flowers or chocolates and how you can impress your date the most.

“First dates are nerve-wracking — you don’t know what to expect,” said junior fashion design major Tracy Shapoff.

For a romantic first date, try the Bistro on Main, only a five minute drive west of campus.

The Bistro on Main was taken over by owner Aaron Ruggles in August 2003. Ruggles, from Kent, recommends the restaurant for its cozy, intimate feel.

“It’s a slower pace of service, so it really allows you to not be rushed through your dinner,” Ruggles said. “For those looking to not spend so much, I would try out our smoked chicken linguine, or for a higher dollar meal, try the steak.”

With a classic, candlelit setting, not only will you get the chance to impress your date, but also to enjoy an amazing dinner, too.

Afterward, stop at Katie’s Corner on South Water Street and dive into one of the many ice cream flavors, such as black cherry, chewy chocolate or classic chocolate chip cookie dough.

“It’s exciting getting to know someone for the first time,” Shapoff said. “Nothing beats a great first date.”

Now that you have successfully made it through the first date, it is time for the second.

“For a second date, I would go to Rockne’s for a quick bite to eat and then to the movies,” said senior marketing major Kristen Simmerly.

At Rockne’s, just east of campus, you can enjoy a Firestone chicken salad, a bowl of chicken and dumpling soup or one of their many signature sandwiches.

Now that you have successfully tackled the second date, it’s time for a little fun.

Kent has many locations for a relaxed, inexpensive date. The lower section of Eastway, on campus, offers a bowling alley where you and your date can enjoy a game of bowling and grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria. And the best part is that you get to use your food plan.

You can also head off-campus and check out some of the many restaurants downtown. Ray’s Place, Buffalo Wild Wings and Franklin Square Deli are just a few of them. The food is great and it won’t be too costly.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, for example, you can enhance your dining experience with the three televisions along the wall. Visit during a sports game, whether your date loves sports or not, and he or she is bound to love the excitement.

“My first date was to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was great because it was relaxed and we really got to know each other,” Simmerly said.

Not everyone gets the luxury of coming to school with a car, however. Those who don’t have a car can try some of the great places on campus.

If you want to take your date out for a classy, romantic lunch, the Schwebel Garden Room on top of the Student Center has a romantic setting and wonderful food. The restaurant is open Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

For a more casual setting, check out the Rathskeller on the bottom floor of the Student Center. You can eat pizza, have a cup of coffee or even play a round of pool.

Now that you have the tools and the right places to go, your first date should be flawless. So good luck and remember: An amazing first date could be the start of many remarkable future dates.

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