Largest freshman class awaits Honors College

Amanda Stanley

The Honors College is making history this fall.

Not only are the new Honors College and residence halls opening up, but it is also welcoming the largest freshman class in its history.

There are 305 incoming freshmen honors students. The number is a slight increase from last year’s 298, and 2004’s 268.

The interest in the college was so great this year that they closed admissions at the end of February, Admissions Coordinator Carolyn Sampson said.

She said the new facilities are probably a big attraction .

“Johnson hall probably has a big influence, I’m sure,” Sampson said. “But it certainly isn’t the only reason, considering that about 15 percent of honors students live at home.”

Sampson said that of the 234 beds in Johnson hall, 100 percent is filled with honors students.

“That is something we never had in Heer and Harbourt. We never had more than 50 percent honors students living there,” Sampson said.

The upcoming freshman class also has the brand new Honors Community Council to look forward to. The council will plan activities and events and maintain alumni connections.

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