Task Force wants Cartwright’s coat

The May 4 Task Force is asking President Carol Cartwright to donate her red rain jacket to the May 4 Collection of the Kent State archives.

The only problem?

She hasn’t owned it for the past eight or 10 years.

“If I had it, I would donate it,” Cartwright said.

Sarah Lund-Goldstein, past president and current member of the task force, said she remembers always being able to find Cartwright in the crowd at the candlelight walk because of her bright red jacket.

Cartwright said she wore the jacket her first year at Kent State because it was the only weather-appropriate clothing she had. She gave it to a clothing bank almost a decade ago.

The task force still wants to recognize Cartwright in some way during the May 4 events, Lund-Goldstein said.

“She has been the most supportive president up to date about remembering the event,” Lund-Goldstein said.

— Rachel Abbey