Skins for school spirit

Carrie Circosta

Decorative KSU vinyl covers for small electronic devices now available

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

How do students show their Kent State spirit?

Many items such as clothes, bumper stickers, foam fingers and even shot glasses and fluffy black squirrels can be purchased.

Now, Kent State spirit can be shown on mobile devices such as cell phones, iPods, laptops, MP3 players, PSPs, palm pilots and even remote controls for TiVo and Mac Minis.

Students can purchase blue or yellow Kent State vinyl skins at at prices between $12.95 and $29.95, depending on the device, said Lindsey Groepper, press contact for BLASTMedia.

But if a student already feels pimped out in Kent State gear, there are other vinyl skin options.

“For the first time, consumers can personalize the exterior of their favorite electronic device from the largest available collection of unique branded designs, including professional sports teams and players, college, fraternity/sorority, band, artist, fashion design, comic character, Signature Series and movies,” Groepper said.

The skins usually consist of the most popular trends, including pro-sports teams such as the Cleveland Indians, classic and current music acts such as The Rolling Stones, movies such as Star Wars and of course, universities such as Kent State. Fraternities and sororities can get skins with Greek letters, and there are art and fashion designs such as green and blue sequins and zebra stripes, as well as well-known comic characters such as Spiderman and Batman.

Not only do customers get a variety of choices, but they don’t have to worry if the skin will fit their device or cause any damage.

“(Vinyl skins are) printed and cut one order at a time to ensure easy application and a custom fit,” Groepper said. “(They are) easily reusable and removable with no leftover residue, allowing users to personalize their devices as often as they choose – without damaging the device.”

The skins are easy to apply and remove and provide devices another layer of safety from scuffing and other damage, Groepper explained.

Even though these skins sound like a good deal, some students aren’t buying into it.

“I probably wouldn’t buy one of the vinyl skins for my cell phone or any other devices I have because I don’t feel it would be worth the money,” said senior marketing major Mike Woody. “I didn’t like the designs they had, which also played a big part in why I would not buy one. But I do feel it would be a great way for sports fans to show love for their team.”

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