Be prepared to Blush at Club Khameleon

Gabe Gott


Where? Club Khameleon

When? Friday, 9 p.m.

Most of the band might be siblings, but Akron-based Blush is not the Partridge Family. There is no Keith, Danny, Shirley, Laurie, Christopher or Tracy in Blush, and its music, influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, the Foo Fighters and the Smashing Pumpkins, is much heavier.

Forming a band with siblings was “somewhat convenience, to a certain extent,” Blush singer Mary Cushman said.

“But,” she added, “everyone is very talented. I think to play the music and to write, you have to have a lot of talent.”

Mary’s three brothers, Matt, Andrew and Gavin Cushman, play drums, guitar and guitar, respectively. Matt is the oldest sibling, followed by Andrew and Mary; Gavin is the youngest.

Gavin was not originally in Blush, partly because he was too young when it first started.

“He actually lived overseas for three years, too,” Mary said. “You can’t really be in a band with someone who lives in China.”

Eventually, Gavin was able to join the group.

Sibling rivalry does occasionally happen within Blush.

“Only between Mary and Gavin,” Andrew said, “because Mary and Gavin have a lot in common.”

“No,” Mary said. “I think it’s between Mary and everyone – well, Mary and Gavin most of the time – but that’s because we’re the closest. We’ve lived together for like two years in apartments, but I think I’m a bitch to everyone.”

The sole non-related member of Blush, Jayson Benn, plays bass. Benn may not be related, but the other members of Blush see him as family.

Being a family is just one aspect of Blush, which released its second album, From the Falls to the Path, March 7 on Cleveland-based Rust Records.

Band members agree that being on Rust Records has been good for them so far.

“They (Rust Records) have definitely been marketing the record, marketing the band – which is something we’ve never had (before),” Mary said.

The album is available in all F.Y.E. and Best Buy stores nationwide.

Blush’s self-titled first album was independently released by the band in 2002, when it was still just Andrew, Matt and Mary. The three formed Blush in 2001.

“Andrew and I have been playing together for a long time, and then we realized that Mary could always sing well,” Matt said. “Then we decided to start a band with her.”

“Yeah, I was like 15,” Mary added, “and they decided to try to make a demo together, and it was more just supposed to be like a solo thing for me, but we ended up liking it and liking creating music together, so, it just sort of worked.”

The band’s name actually comes from the Bible.

“Matt and I were bored in church one day,” Mary said, “and looking in the index of the Bible and just stumbled on the word and thought it was cool.”

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