Williams, JoJo disappoint in family flick

Robert Taylor

Down in hell, there is a special circle Dante never got around to writing about. The people in that circle must watch Glitter, Gigli and Date Movie on a continuous rotation for all of eternity.

Within that circle are the people who talk on their cell phones during movies, the ushers who let 12-year-olds into “R” rated movies and the people who make really bad movies.

Movies like RV.

I hated this movie. Hated it. It’s sad to see just what trash passes for a family movie these days. Apparently as long as you have excretion jokes and a rebellious child, the movie can be categorized for the entire family, even if it contains numerous uses of the word “bitch” and obvious sexual innuendo.

A workaholic dad (Robin Williams) realizes that he must choose between his family and his job during a cross-country road trip on a motor home.

His family does not know that he is heading to a meeting in Colorado, they think he is finally interested in his family.


Starring Robin Williams, JoJo, Jeff Daniels and Cheryl Hines

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Written by Geoff Rodkey

Released by Columbia Pictures

Stater rating (out of five): zero stars

The plot is so familiar that someone should copyright the loose plot and get $100 every time a movie uses it. There is nothing new in the story, no redemption in the acting and no escape for the audience.

There are also no laughs, which is a shame because this is supposed to be a comedy.

None of the set pieces work. Not when the trailer runs over almost everything on the street when the family first departs. Not when the family avoids a hick family that is nothing but nice to them. Not when the family slides down a mountain in an otherwise flat desert. And especially not when Williams tries to drive the motor home up and down a mountain.

There might have been some redemption for the movie if the characters were likable. They aren’t. They are some of the most annoying, unlikable characters in the history of film. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be friends with them. They really seem to loathe one another, and with good reason.

Williams doesn’t even try to rise above the material, and JoJo and Josh Hutcherson might go down in history as the worst young actors of their generation.

Williams’ inability to drive his vehicle isn’t funny, no matter how many times you say it is. The RV driving off by itself isn’t funny by itself; no matter how many times the movie uses it.

The director, Barry Sonnenfeld, has made some good movies in the past (Addams Family Values, Men in Black) and some really bad movies recently (Wild Wild West, Men in Black 2). One would think he would learn, but he seems to be getting worse with each subsequent movie.

Since I can’t imagine a worse movie than this, his next film should be quite an accomplishment of badness.

At one point in the movie Williams finds himself covered in feces from head to toe. Leaving the theater, the audience has a similar feeling.

One thing is for sure, sales of RVs are sure to go down because of this film.

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