Student employment goes digital

Abbey Stirgwolt

When Career Services goes digital, time and trees will be saved.

It’s all thanks to a new program called Campus Works, a system “designed to greatly reduce the amount of paper involved in student employment, and really expedite the process,” said Julie Stieber, associate director of career services.

In the past, students applying for on-campus employment have been required to fill out a series of forms before being able to receive payment.

The drawn-out “form filling” process can be irritating, said Shari Easter, sophomore business management major.

Campus Works transfers this process to the computer, reducing the amount of paperwork by presenting one online “form” that can be applied to all of a student’s subsequent on-campus jobs.

The new employee’s supervisor simply gathers the information, type it into the system, and “Boom – it’s submitted,” Stieber said.

Instead of delaying paychecks while students’ paperwork passes through the system, Campus Works will allow student employees to document their hours almost immediately.

The university hopes the new computerized system will eliminate this extra work.

It should also reduce the potential for mistakes.

“Because it’s automated, you’re taking out the human component, which means you’re taking out the chance of human error,” Stieber said.

Stieber said Career Services hopes to launch the program before the fall semester.

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