Art, fashion students log hours in Verder workroom

Amanda Sowards

Stephanie Green, sophomore fashion design major and artist in residence, works on a project Sunday in the Verder Hall studio. The space is open at all hours to Verder Hall residents who are enrolled in studio classes. AMANDA SOWARDS | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Comfy papasans, tulle, colored pencils, mannequins and polka dots swarm one distinct room on campus -ÿbut it’s not a circus fun house.

The large, open Verder Hall Studio offers space for students to work on projects and storage for supplies. The substantial art tables are great for pattern making, said Alaina Penna, sophomore fashion design major.

Naked and half-dressed mannequins pop up all around the room and sewing machines are scattered along the walls. Junior design major Rachael Edmiston said some of the supplies were donated, while others belong to students.

With thousands of colored pencils, dozens of fabric bolts, mounds of paper and various other tools, one would think stealing is a problem, however; students disagree.

“Everyone has spent a lot on their supplies, so we respect each other’s space,” Penna said.

Sophomore design major Stephanie Green said she doesn’t leave her purse or iPod in the studio, but it is easier to leave supplies so she doesn’t have to lug them between her room and the studio.

“I always forget if my stuff is in the studio or my room,” Green said.

Artists in residence, such as Edmiston and senior crafts major Cody Thomaselli, are also available to help students.

“I see it more as a teaching position,” Thomaselli said.

Artists in residence need to have a basic understanding of the fine and professional arts. They also can help the students explain what each professor is looking for.

Only students who live in Verder and have studio courses can have space. Thomaselli said it is nice to work so close to home. Rockwell Hall studios are only open until 11 p.m. while Verder stays open 24/7.

“Most students don’t know it’s here,” Edmiston said. “I had no idea until a student told me about the studio.”

The studio also provides a great social and academic community for students. Green said she often uses the studio as an escape from her room. The open environment also allows students to take beaks and hang out as well as get feedback from others on their work.

“People are always asking questions,” Penna said. “We work together to come up with a solution and make suggestions.”

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