Recent rec center thefts could easily be prevented

Erika Puch

Recently there have been six reported cases of theft at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, said Karen Landi, records management supervisor for the Kent State Police Department. All six of the cases are currently under investigation, she said.

“Most of the thefts at the rec center are crimes of opportunity,” detective Chris Jenkins said.

He also said most of the items stolen are cash or bank cards.

To protect students’ and members’ belongings, the rec center is equipped with video cameras that monitor all activity. Paula Murray, marketing director at the rec center, said the cameras are placed in specific areas of the building such as hallways, the weight room and the fitness floor.

There are no cameras in any of the locker rooms, and this makes the area a high-risk for theft.

Murray said if students are going to leave any valuables in a locker they should be protected with a combination lock. Locks are available for sale at the proshop in the rec center.

“If you don’t have a lock, it is safer to take your valuables with you,” Murray said.

If students carry their valuables with them, they can monitor them more easily. Keys and water bottles can be left beside the machine or in small cubby holes near the indoor track. Murray suggested limiting the amount of items brought to the rec center to bare necessities.

To help prevent locker room theft, rec center employees monitor the rooms on an hourly basis.

“The student staff does an excellent job of eliminating theft,” Murray said. “We have a presence of employees throughout the building.”

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