Wiccan High Priestess mom swaps with Iowa homemaker

If spinning and breathing fire sounds interesting, tune into the ABC reality show “Wife Swap” tonight at 8 p.m. and see one of Kent’s own.

The show follows two women who volunteer to switch families for two weeks. The women are taken out of their normal family routine and are put into a different family lifestyle.

On tonight’s episode, Wiccan High Priestess Bella Thompson from Georgia swaps places with a 1950s traditional stay-at-home mom from Iowa.

The first week, the women move in with their new families and follow the same routine the family is used to, including shopping, chores and social activities. In week two of the swap, the women are allowed to make the rules of the house and run it the way they see fit.

At the end of the show, the couples meet each other for the first time and give their opinions on how the family lifestyle could be improved. They also talk about how the experience has changed them.

Thompson said the experience was great for her, and it helped her grow as a person.

“Not all moms are the same, and I am way more fun than other moms can be,” she said. “My daughter fire spins and does so on the show. We drum as a family, and we belly dance.”

Dusty Dionne, 22, is a 2001 graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School. He is a student in the Wiccan church and appears as a guest on the show as Thompson’s student.

Dionne met Thompson at a Pagan spiritual gathering and has lived with the Thompson family for two years.

Dionne said his parents still live in Kent, and they are very proud of his guest appearance on tonight’s show.

“My mom wants me to take her to the Oscars one day,” he said.

Thompson said she has seen the final version of the show and said viewers should tune in for a “freaky twist.”

– Bethany Jones