Police arrest two suspects in shooting

Sean Joseph

Ravenna police arrested two 17-year-old suspects Tuesday on active Kent Police Department warrants for a non-fatal shooting that occurred last month on Starr Avenue.

Police continue to search for a possible third suspect, but no warrant has been issued, said Sgt. Sam Todd of the Kent Police Department.

Kent police had been looking for the two 17-year-old boys from Ravenna for two weeks, Todd said. The warrant for felonious assault had been distributed to neighboring police departments. Ravenna police received a tip about the boys’ whereabouts Tuesday morning and arrested them at Terrell Commons.

Police suspect the 17-year-olds shot Justin Ramsey, 24, who was their acquaintance, with a small-caliber pistol and revolver in the early morning hours of Feb. 18. An argument between Ramsey and the suspects allegedly broke out inside a house on Starr Avenue, and witnesses said the group went outside where several shots were fired by each suspect.

Ramsey suffered two bullet wounds, Todd said. One bullet hit and broke his right fibula, the other passed through his lower right leg. He was taken to Robinson Memorial Hospital to be treated, was released without complications and is now recuperating.

The suspects were arraigned earlier this week in Portage County Juvenile Court, Todd said. Due to their juvenile status their identity and case status has not been released.

Felonious assault with firearm specifications could carry a maximum sentence of 11 years in prison.

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