Catering class sizzling before basketball game

Abi Luempert

Tricia Arcaro and Steve Green, senior hospitality management majors, serve fried coconut shrimp to Robb First, vice president of Hungry Howie’s. The Catering and Banquet Operations class served food to guests yesterday before the men’s basketball game at

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Assistant Professor Rob Heiman’s biggest concern last night was whether Kent State was going to win the basketball game.

However, the three student managers of his catering and banquets operation class had other concerns.

The class was catering its first event of the semester last night on the third floor loge of the M.A.C. Center before the men’s basketball team’s final home game.

The guest list included Kent State administrators, alumni and sponsors, but the guests’ importance didn’t faze the students.

Jared Bitner, senior hospitality management major and general manager of the class for the night, said he was most worried about the temperature of the food.

“If the food’s not hot, then none of the planning was even worth it,” he said.

But for Amber Walley, senior hospitality management major and production manager for the night, coordinating communication was the hardest thing.

“Everyone has different ideas, and some people wait until the last minute to do things,” she said.

One of the last-minute surprises was someone forgot to double-check that all the food was there, and the fruit was left behind in Beall Hall, which had closed for the night.

Don Price, senior hospitality management major and service manager for the night, had to make a run to the grocery store to replace the fruit.

The catering class collaborated with the athletic department and decided to serve marinated pork tenderloin, crab stuffed mushrooms, tomato bruschetta, coconut shrimp, chicken and bacon kabobs and a fruit tray, complete with chocolate fondue.

The other members of the class walked around with trays of food or stood at stations preparing the food freshly for waiting guests. Class members take turns serving as the managers for the six events they will cater this semester.

Bitner said the class was prepared to serve 50 to 75 guests.

Bitner said they began planning for the event three weeks ago, and he has spent at least one or two hours every day working on the specifics.

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