Feminist Union presents calendar promoting love

Michele Roehrig

Suzanne Holt questions the love people have in the most important relationship in their lives – the one with their bodies.

“Self and body – it’s a pretty difficult love story,” the College of Arts and Sciences instructor said.

Holt spoke at the “Lovin’ Your Body” presentation last night in the Kiva, presented by the Feminist Union with sponsorship by PRIDE!Kent. Jean-Marie Papoi, senior broadcast journalism major and Feminist Union member, also presented a documentary interviewing Kent State students on body image.

The Feminist Union offered a free calendar photographed by Feminist Union President Carrie Wicks, along with pamphlets and refreshments.

In a survey of American women, 80 percent said they were dissatisfied with their body, Holt said.

“Clearly, we’re not perfect,” Holt said. “Choosing to hate your body is slow death.”

Holt questioned the attempts people make to improve or accept their bodies, such as dressing nicely, remaining sexually inactive or getting plastic surgery.

“You know what?” Holt said, “In a way, it is loving your body. We just can’t seem to get it right. The love we have for the deepest love of our lives, it’s not perfect. With all these things, we’re trying to find it.”

The Feminist Union started planning the presentation last semester, said Kelli Ciola, the Feminist Union’s social outreach director. The Undergraduate Student Senate Allocations Committee originally denied funding to the organization because the calendar featured semi-nude photographs of students. However, the Feminist Union received support after another attempt.

“We were all worried that all of our friends would just show up,” Ciola said about the attendance of nearly 100. “I’m so excited more people came.”

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