Habitat to host hunger awareness banquet tomorrow

Meghan Gauriloff

Kent State’s Habitat for Humanity will help spread hunger awareness at the Oxfam America Hunger Banquet at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow at the Presbyterian Church of Kent, 1456 E. Summit St.

The banquet helps bring attention to the world’s inequalities by allowing participants to experience firsthand what it is like to be part of different income groups.

“The purpose of the event is to educate Kent’s population about global poverty and the fact that hunger and famine is still a huge problem,” said Eli Konwest, senior anthropology major and co-president of Kent State’s Habitat for Humanity. “Thirty-five million people in America have trouble feeding their families.”

Guests randomly choose tickets that assign them to a high-income, middle-income or low-income status and are served a meal based on their income level, Konwest said.

Not only does the income listed on the ticket determine what people will eat, but it also determines where they will sit and how they are treated.

“I hope they (participants) leave with a greater awareness, a greater compassion for others and are more thankful for what they themselves have,” Konwest said.

The event is free for students, faculty or anyone who is interested in the cause or would like to know more.

For more information about the event, which is also sponsored by the Circle K Club of Kent State, contact Habitat for Humanity at [email protected].

Contact social services reporter Meghan Gauriloff at [email protected].