Take a bite into pizza deals

Carrie Circosta

Hungry Howie’s, 1444 W Main St., is one of the many pizza shops located in the Kent area. Hungry Howie’s is famous for its original flavored crust, and it offers free delivery to campus locations. JESSICA NAPLES | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

“All the cheese fell off” said Deora Mowry, freshman nutrition and food major, while sitting outside of Tri-Towers.

“[The pizza] is too small of servings for their price,” said sophomore ceramics major Hanna McGee.

These students were talking about Pizza Pan pizza, and that night they ended up ordering from Papa John’s.

On any given night, students are carrying Hungry Howie’s, East of Chicago, or any number of other pizza companys’ boxes. Students look for two things when it comes to ordering pizza: taste and price.

Pizza Pan, which accepts FlashCash, has a deal: If the customer picks up his or her order of one pizza, he or she gets two pizzas free of equal or lesser value. If the customer’s pizza is delivered, he or she can get one pizza free. Normally, prices range from $8.95 to $16.95. All of these are with cheese only. The cost of additional toppings depends on the size of the pizza.

Papa John’s, which also accepts FlashCash, is located on East Main Street. Their automated phone message said Papa John’s has a special on their new sweet treats. They are desserts that are free with a large, two-topping pizza for $11.99 for a limited time.

“Our deals depend on how many you’re serving,” general manager Shawna Fleming said.

Papa John’s has an after 9 p.m. special of a medium pizza for $6.99 and an advertisement running on the campus buses for a medium cheese pizza at $5, Fleming said.

A more futuristic way of ordering pizza is through Europe Gyro. A student can order online, going through the easy steps of what kind of pizza he or she wants. A small, 10-inch pizza is $4.99, a large 14-inch is $6.99, and the extra-large 16-inch is $8.99. The price of toppings also depends on the size of the pizza, ranging from 75 cents to $1.50. Europe Gyro also serves stromboli, calzones, burgers and pita sandwiches and can deliver beer and cigarettes.

Sorboro’s Italian Kitchen, also a FlashCash acceptor, has a $6 minimum order for delivery or carry-out. The small 9-inch, 6-slice pizza is $4.50, medium 12-inch, eight-slice is $6, and the large 16-inch, 12-slice is $7.50 (all plain). As always, the cost of toppings depends on the size of the pizza.

Probably the biggest phenomenon to hit Kent is Hungry Howie’s Pizza.

“The variety of crusts they have makes the pizza a lot more enjoyable and (improves) the overall taste,” said Paul Schultz, sophomore computer and information major. “It’s not too messy.”

There is a deal at Hungry Howie’s every night after 9 p.m. A student can purchase two, one-topping pizzas for $10.99 and on Wednesday, a student can buy one large, one-topping pizza for $5.99. The crusts come in original, butter, butter cheese, garlic herb, ranch, onion, sesame and Cajun. The sizes are 10 inches for a small, 12 inches for medium and 14 inches for large.

Overall, there are about 21 pizza places in Kent, not including the areas on campus that serve pizza. Other places include East of Chicago, Pizza Hut, Bruno’s, Guys Pizza and Zeppes. All of these places can be found online for those who get a craving for something new.

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