College of EHHS plans to expand

Abi Luempert

In front of an audience of 70, Joanne Arhar and Nancy Barbour, associate deans of College and Graduate School of Education, Health and Human Services described their college’s six strategic visions and four strategic goals Friday in the Moulton Hall ballroom.

Assistant Dean Deborah Barber said, “A lot of thought and conversation has gone into identifying these as our visions and goals.”

With 23 percent of Kent State’s total enrollment, Barber said it makes sense that the college’s first vision focuses on student success.

Arhar said the college is working on recruiting and retaining its student body.

This vision also includes increasing money available for student scholarships and increasing access to advising.

Also included with this vision is the continued use of Barber’s Academic Boot Camp, which strives to help students raise their GPA.

The second strategic vision aims to enhance support for excellence in all forms of scholarship. This vision focuses on faculty and includes things such as rewards for scholarship.

The third vision aims to expand curriculum and programs.

Arhar said curriculum-expansion opportunities will include hospitality and tourism management, higher education administration and technology education.

Vision four hopes to provide more support for teaching, research and learning.

That vision includes renovating classrooms, research facilities and student services spaces.

Expanding the college’s reach through partnerships is the fifth strategic vision.

The college hopes to gain more international, national, state and local partnerships.

“Everyone is working very hard,” Barbour said. “We have faculty that have connections with corporations, alumni and other colleges and universities.”

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