Student alleges attack

Bryan Wroten

A Kent State student alleges she was attacked this weekend on North Campus.

Angela Wicks, senior education major, said she was walking to a friend’s apartment on Summit Street between 2 and 3 a.m. Sunday. She was near the hill by Merrill and Lowry Halls, when two men attacked her from behind, she said.

She said someone yelled “faggot,” and then one of them pushed her. Wicks said she rolled into a ball before they kicked her. She said they mainly kicked her arms and legs. She said she got up and tried to run away, but they chased her and tried to hit her again. After a while, she said, they stopped following her.

She went to her friend’s apartment immediately afterward. Wicks said she didn’t call the police since she didn’t see her attackers.

“I didn’t get a good look at them,” she said. “I closed my eyes when I was on the ground.”

Wicks said she filed a police report last night. She also said she sustained bruises to her arms and knees.

Wicks said she doesn’t think they knew her. She said she thinks they called her “faggot” because they thought she was a gay man. She said she has been mistaken for a gay man before because of her appearance. She is a former president of PRIDE!Kent.

Her sister, Carrie, said Wicks is doing well. Carrie, president of the Feminist Union, said the attack raises concerns about safety on campus.

During a dinner meeting for student groups in the Women’s Resource Center, Angela spoke briefly about what happened. Bridgit McCafferty, senior English major and a former president of PRIDE!Kent, said the university should install more lights and emergency phones around campus.

Shawn Szymecki, PRIDE!Kent secretary, said the group will have a safety and self-defense class during its meeting Thursday.

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