COLUMN: No need for anything new under the sun

Allison Pritchard

It’s the last Stater of the semester, and as someone who has a chance to put in her “last words” for the year, I am somewhat compelled to say something deep and inspirational. But then I realized this is only a college newspaper, and it’s inevitable that many columns on the Forum page come out as repetitive, childish and trite or they’re just a stupid story about some insignificant experience in the writer’s life (we all know what I’m talking about). Virtually everything we say has been said before. Instead of my normal sarcastic angle, I opted to do the traditional “Goodbye-thoughts-about-the-semester yadda” because I feel I haven’t shown my true serious side as much. I have a few miscellaneous thoughts I’d like to share. 

In the past few months, I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for the Forum page, almost as much as an orgasm. OK, I said I wouldn’t be funny-

I look back on my columns this semester, and my numerous references to Taco Bell, fellatio and other associated “jobs,” and I think it’s been a good ride for the most part. 

I know in the land of Stater column writing, the idea has become a tortured cliche, but it’s still important to reiterate: The whole point of writing a column is to state your opinion. Free speech allows us to acknowledge what is wrong in order to change. Contrary to what you may think, (and if you really knew me you would know), I love America. I love it so much that I will criticize what’s wrong with it so it can grow to the best America it can be. Sure, I don’t know everything there is to know about politics and the world, but most people don’t, and there are definite problems that should not be ignored. I do cherish all the “good things”- my rights, opportunities, education, resources and even the bacon cheddar fries I eat. I simply try to stress that no one should ever cast a blind eye on anything.

If you are too afraid to say something, there is no point in living. Writing in favor of apple pie, family and using seat belts is futile. Everyone already knows those things are positive. To all those people who misunderstand most of the satire in the Stater and really believed the “May Fourthers” article last semester, loosen up. Some columns are meant to get a chuckle out of you instead of an angry, befuddled e-mail. 

Remember, people don’t fit into molds. Try not to judge people, especially those whom you don’t know. Sometimes I think everyone is too full of their own little lives. The triteness can be suffocating. Don’t take college or yourself too seriously. You have your whole life to do that.

Overall, I’ve learned a lot this semester: That people actually do read the Stater, that people surprise you, that I do hold some (gasp) conservative views, that there is so much more I’d like to learn about the world, and that things don’t always turn out how you expect, but they usually do turn out.

Allison Pritchard is a junior electronic media production major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].