Renaissance Ball candidates

Bryan Wroten

The pageant portion of Black United Students’ Renaissance Ball is part of a 36-year-long tradition, ball co-chair Ryan Robinson said.

“The pageant showcases some of the talents of the students here,” he said. “It celebrates the diversity of students at Kent State.”

Robinson said students who win the king, queen, prince or princess titles will hold onto them for the year. They will then pass the crowns on to next year’s winners.

He said the competition for the titles allows the audience to “know what they can do and present themselves positively to their peers.”


Princess Candidate Jurdene Ingram

ƒ-S Freshman pre-med biology major

ƒ-S Why she wants to be princess – “It would give me a chance to influence people on campus. Anyone can be beautiful no matter what.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Color Guard routine

“My friends had me try out in high school. I stuck with it and enjoyed it.”



Queen Candidate Alisha Alls

ƒ-S Sophomore special education major

ƒ-S Why she wants to be queen – “It’s a learning experience. I’ll make new friends in the process. I’m not out to get anybody. Even if I don’t win, it’ll be nice to have the experience and the opportunity to do this.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Baton twirling

“I like to dance and I like to twirl. It’s something different that most people don’t do.”



King Candidate Derek Jones

ƒ-S Freshman media productions major

ƒ-S Why he wants to be king – “That’s what I am man, I’m a king.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Rapping “Money Maker”

“It just started out as a hobby. I entertained people doing it, so I started freestyling at clubs and battles.”



Prince Candidate Gerald Adkins

ƒ-S Freshman journalism and mass communication major

ƒ-S Why he wants to be prince – “I want to show my versatility and say that I can do this. It’s kind of fun and I wanted to get involved.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Poetry reading “There’s Nothing More Beautiful Than a Black Woman”

“It’s about coming to Kent State. (Black women) look so much better than where I’m from – they have more respect for themselves. They carry themselves differently.”



Queen Candidate Ashley Mays

ƒ-S Sophomore dance education major

ƒ-S Why she wants to be queen – “I’ve never won anything before in school. It’s a chance to show your talents.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Singing “A Gift from Virgo” by Beyonce

“I can relate to most of the lyrics of the song. It’s about love and how she wants to tell the guy about how she feels about all the time they spent together and how she wants to feel.”



King Candidate Drew-Oumassi Collins

ƒ-S Sophomore justice studies major

ƒ-S Why he wants to be king – “The prestige is one thing, but it’s an opportunity to get my poetry out more. I get to meet more people.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Poetry reading “Imani Winds”

“It’s dedicated to a wind quintet, Imani Winds. I’m putting words to the music and the way the music made me feel.”



Queen Candidate La’Nette Searcy

ƒ-S Sophomore theater major

ƒ-S Why she wants to be queen – “I enjoy performing. I like sharing my talents with everyone. I didn’t go to the Renaissance Ball last year and I thought instead of just going (this year), I’d be in it.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Singing a French Aria

“It’s a pretty song and has a nice message about love.”



Prince Candidate Tajuan Howard

ƒ-S Freshman pre-business management major

ƒ-S Why he wants to be prince – “My friend was going to do it and I decided to do it. It sounded like something fun to do.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Singing “Always and Forever” by Heatwave

“It’s a classic song I think everyone would know.”



Princess Candidate Alexandria Styles

ƒ-S Freshman fashion merchandising major

ƒ-S Why she wants to be princess – “It will help with my major and give me better insight into the fashion world. When you win pageants, you go places, meet people and get an inside look at the fashion world.”

ƒ-S Special talent – Displaying art

“(Drawing and painting) is relaxing and I use it as an outlet to show my true feelings.”