Results of the 2020 USG Election; Tiera Moore to be the next student body president

Student Body President candidate for USG. 

Annie Zwisler Reporter

Candidates waited anxiously Wednesday night for a fateful email to announce the 2020 USG election results. The votes rolled in amid university closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Many candidates struggled to campaign as students left campus to return home. 

“It was honestly a mess,” said Katia Rodriguez, director of communication and marketing candidate and junior public relations major. “But it is what it is, and I’m happy with the results.”

The candidate mass meeting, usually held the night of the election results, was canceled. Candidates then turned to email in order to find out the results of the election. 

“As Kent State has ceased face-to-face classes and university-related meetings, we will need to be strategic as a USG to abide by university direction and preparedness for upcoming roles,” Megan Milam, election commissioner and junior political science major said. 

This year, 2,417 students voted in the election, compared to the 3,066 students who voted in 2019.

Candidates devoted much of their time campaigning and encouraging people to vote. 

“The most difficult thing about campaigning is sorting out what days you need to speak, making sure everything is timely and making sure you get in touch with organizations,” Laith Tabbaa, presidential candidate and junior finance major said. “These are small challenges I have to overcome to make my campaign what it is. 

The winners are inaugurated in April, however, the inauguration day is still unknown due to university closure. Overall, USG is proud of the turnout and the contribution of the candidates.

“Your contribution helps to elicit participation in USG Elections and create awareness of Undergraduate Student Government,” said Milam. 


Student Body President: Tiera Moore


Director of Business and Finance: Jacob Aguinaga

Director of Programming: Jhariah Wadkins

Director of Communication and Marketing: Katia Rodriguez

Director of Student Involvement: Kaelee Dingey

Director of Community Affairs: Cameron Miller

Director of Governmental Affairs: Ethan Lower

Director of Student Advancement: Brandon Taylor

Director of Academic Affairs: Thomas Niepsuj


Senator for College of Architecture and Environmental Design: Joel Dalzell

Senator for College of the Arts: Apoorva Jain

Senator for College of Arts and Sciences: Diana Chang

Senator for the College of Business Admin: Katie Reilly

Senator for the College of Communication and Information: Samantha Farland

Senator for the College of Education, Health and Human Services: Brandon Allen

Senator for Honors College: Dane Paris

Senator for College of Nursing: Emily Espersen

Senator for College of Aeronautics and Engineering: Michael R. Cline (write-in)

Senator for College of Public Health: Sydney Evans (write-in)

Annie Zwisler covers politics and USG. Contact her at [email protected]