Shovel deep for good food at Diggers

Erika Kreider

Brooke Crocker has worked at Diggers for the past seven years bartending and serving. “There are all types of people that come here, and everyone is friendly,” Crocker said.

Credit: Ben Breier

Driving out of Kent on state Route 43 toward Streetsboro, chances are you have passed Digger’s restaurant. If you’re anything like me, you’ve thought that you could try it one day, but never got around to it. Well, I finally did.

Upon entering the bar-and-grill type restaurant, there is the choice of a smoking section, which includes the bar, or the more brightly lit non-smoking room. The non-smoking room was decorated with European prints, which made me feel like the bar wasn’t nearby.

The menu was full of choices from salads, reubens, crab cakes and rib-eye steak.

A sign in the Digger’s front lawn boasts they have the “best soup in Kent,” so I took them up on this challenge.

The server gave a friendly first impression, despite her lack of knowledge of the soup du jour.

I received my food very quickly, which made my hungry stomach happy.

I started with New England clam chowder ($2.79). The sign was right, it was excellent and the best bowl I have had in Kent.

Next were 10 wings ($4.79). I asked for five mild and five hot. The server said they don’t usually do it, but she could do it for me.

The wings were delicious, but the hot wasn’t very hot. They were a good price for what I got, which included a few sticks of celery.

Sitting and listening to myself chomp on celery sticks I realized there was no music playing, a TV was off and only two other tables were seated at about 5 p.m. on a Friday. I could hear the people converse, and I’ think they heard my conversaton.

The atmosphere could lead to potential awkward silent moments on first dates.

I ordered a hamburger ($3.69 + $.35 cheese= $4.04) for my main dish. The trick with the sandwiches is they come with a pickle slice and potato chips. French fries cost $1.49 extra. I opted to try them.

Again, I received my food quickly. The burger had a nice open-faced presentation complete with colorful, fresh lettuce and tomatoes and huge fries glistening next to it.

The fries were delicious, which made me happy I paid the extra $1.49.

The burger bun was toasted, so it had a nice crunch to it, but then I felt something that was mushy. My friend assured me burgers aren’t suppose to be that mushy or pink. I cut it through the middle, and the whole inside was clearly pink.

It honestly looked like they only cooked the outside layer and put it on the bun.

I sent the burger back. The server didn’t give me any problems. She actually made a disgusted face herself when she saw it.

When I got my burger back, they had given me some more extra greasy fries, and a new pickle slice, but I realized it was the same meat I had sent back. The two pieces I had cut apart were on the now ultra-crispy bun, with extra cheese melted over it.

I took a few bites of the burger, but was haunted by the memory of my undercooked meat past. It ruined my visit.

Thinking Digger’s could redeem themselves by their dessert, I ordered brownie cheesecake. Cheesecake was the only dessert, and there were four variations of it. If you don’t like any, you’re out of luck for a for sweet finish.

It was good, but my stomach was still queasy from undercooked meat.

The appetizers were excellent here, but I’m not sure if it makes up for the escapade I had with the meat. The service was friendly and timely, but it does not make my burger yummy in my tummy.

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