COLUMN: College life: A few favorites

Allison Pritchard

As a college student, there are only a few things that hold the power to bring a smile to a befuddled face. To remind you of the finer things in life, I decided to share a few recent highs that stood out from the monotony.

Best of the Summer

The Island – Top notch flick. I’m hard to please when it comes to films (because that’s what I want to do with my life, make films), but this one kept me on my toes. Two clones escape from the plant where they were made and realize they only exist as replacement parts for well-off normal humans. Ewan McGregor is pretty fine too.

Body Worlds at the Great Lakes Science Center – It’s quite an experience to look around the room and see a dozen dead bodies, disassembled and configured in a variety of ways. Testicles hung from naked muscle and pubic hair was even still attached to a figure skating corpse. It makes you realize what a complicated wonder the human body is and how fragile you truly are.

“Six Feet Under” series finale – What a way to end a series! This was the most powerful, makes-you-wanna-look-at-your-life-and-cry finale I’ve ever seen. For once, the Fischers are at peace (something you’ve never seen in the previous 62 episodes of the hour-long movie-like series). I loved watching Claire drive away to her new life and seeing the way everything turned out.

Pizza Hut Buffet – The meal that makes those summer days all the merrier. Pizza, salad, breadsticks and even hybrid dessert pizza. It’s even better when you clip a coupon and get the whole meal for under five bucks. Great for the college student’s budget.

This Semester’s Pluses

“Nip/Tuck” – It’s back again for another season, 10 p.m. Tuesdays on FX. Last week’s season premiere kicked ass. You’d have to be a yuppie though to actually have actually believed that Christian was dead.

Taco Bell – Even with the new “bells,” whistles, and battered seafood, T-bell still has what it takes to be the late night stop. The old lady is still there too; I saw her on a cigarette break the last time I was there.

Alone time – In the craziness of studying, going to class, drinking and numerous other obligations, everyone needs a few minutes to regroup, think about their goals in life, and rub one out.

Watching people change their AIM profiles – I must know when you are eating, sleeping, studying, not studying, watching Laguna Beach, supporting those who died of a pirate attack or how long you’ve been with your significant other or imaginary friend.

“Sex & the City” on DVD – This soon-to-be a classic series truly is the best show ever. It’s hilarious, smart and you really can relate to the characters and their crazy men problems. – OK, who isn’t obsessed with it? How else can you keep track of all your friends (and random strangers who think they are your friends)? Great way to check if the hottie in your Psych class is single . . . or even straight.

Allison Pritchard is a junior electronic media production major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].