USS discusses improvements

Sara Macho

The Undergraduate Student Senate discussed campus renovations with David Creamer, vice president of administration, at its weekly meeting Friday.

Creamer said the goal of the recent reconstruction of the Satterfield and Bowman parking lot was to minimize vehicle traffic and maximize pedestrian use.

“The ways to get through campus have improved,” he said. “Bicycle use is gaining popularity.”

In addition, Creamer discussed plans to improve campus parking and residence hall life.

Though a date is not set, the university is considering building a parking garage next to the Centennial Court lot. The university is hesitant about finalizing plans because parking passes would be of high cost to students, Creamer said.

“Any renovation for parking spaces is tentative,” he said.

Individual classroom upgrades also are in the early stages of planning.

Classrooms are the most dated rooms on campus, Creamer said. The new classrooms would have technology and faculty member improvements.

Upgrades include design changes, such as circular tables for improved communication.

“The configurations depend on the discipline being taught,” Creamer said.

Tentative improvements would also include a Tri-Towers technology lab with computers open to students 24 hours a day.

The university administration is currently assessing the value of the renovations versus the academic trade-off to students, Creamer said.

Kevin Folk, senator for business and finance, said he supports Creamer’s plans for campus renovation.

“I personally feel Vice President Creamer has, in the past, done a very successful job with the capital improvements on this campus,” Folk said.

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