All-ages event hosts 20 bands and a fashion show Friday

Erika Kreider

Davey P., Aaron Brooks and $Jay$ Baskette (left to right) of Trendy will perform at the Kent Fashion/Music Festival while local businesses show off the latest fashion trends.

Credit: Ben Breier

Two nights, twenty bands and a fashion show, all for only $20. That’s a dollar a band, and a lot cheaper than most concerts.

The Kent Fashion/Music Fest will be held Friday and Saturday.

Three under-21 clubs: Fat Jimmy’s, Screwy Louie’s and Europe Gyro are involved in this festival.

Ten dollars each night gains admission into each venue. There is a wristband at the first one, and then that will be the entry for the others.

“It’s an all-ages kind of thing. Most concerts are all-age events. We wanted to make this open to everyone,” said Rob Paden, who works for Onemusic Entertainment, the company behind the festival.

“The headliners, we picked because they bring a lot of people at shows. We call them local celebrities,” Paden said.

The three bands headlining are American Rockstar, Bonk and Trendy.

All of the bands playing are from Northeast Ohio, and also hand-picked by Paden.

“My contact list is over 700 bands,” Paden said about how he knew bands in the area.

Each night the doors will open at 7 p.m. The events will last until about 1 a.m.

“The first night at Screwy Louie’s is metal. The second night is rock and both nights are techno at Europe Gyro,” Paden said.

Antifreeze and Hypnotic are some of the companies involved with the fashion show.

There will be fashion shows both nights in the middle of the event.

“Pretty much everything we have is based on what you guys (students) would wear. We have functional stuff, stuff you can wear to class, then go out to the bars, wear it up to Cleveland, too. “

Teresa DeMarco, owner of Antifreeze Clothing, said they’ll put together something cool. Everyday casual and something you can go out in.

DeMarco also said that everything in the store, and in the fashion show, is functional and not overly trendy so that you can’t wear it in Ohio.

“It’s going to be a huge event, we’re trying to do big things in Kent,” Paden said.

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