WEB EXCLUSIVE: Local musician free every Monday night at The Lime Spider

Marissa Mikolak


Credit: Steve Schirra

Local musician Patrick Sweany performs free of charge Monday nights at The Lime Spider, an Akron club known for its artsy, eccentric atmosphere.

Owner Danny Basone bought the club four years ago with the intention to transform the space into a venue dedicated to hosting talented musicians.

“The Lime Spider is about music, art and free-thinking,” Basone said. “It’s a place to come and get away from the typical chain-bar or nightclub.”

The Lime Spider may remind students of a club more typically found in New York City or Chicago than Akron, with its atmosphere of dim lighting, quaint tables, art and framed television screens.

“People come in and leave with an impression of the music and the B-movies we have playing on the TV screens,” Basone said.

Collete Gogan, publicist for The Lime Spider, agrees the club offers students somewhere different to go.

“Don’t be afraid if you walk in and it’s something you’re not really used to,” Gogan said. “If you’re looking for a diverse night out, definitely check out The Lime Spider.”

One of the artists who performs at the Lime Spider is Patrick Sweany.

“At The Lime Spider there are college kids and usually a pretty wide range of ages,” Sweany said. “Lately it’s been a pretty good crowd. Some nights all tables are full and it’s rockin’.”

Sweany, who performs solo on Monday nights and with his band about every six weeks, plays music comparable to Delta blues.

“When I’m by myself, I’m pretty bluesy – that’s really where my roots are. I mix in some soul and country,” Sweany said. “When I’m with the band, there is a lot more energy.”

Sweany credits his father for igniting his passion for music.

“Some of my first live shows were Dad taking me to see bluegrass concerts,” Sweany said. “He was always playing music around the house when I was younger and playing really cool records.”

On stage Sweany is a talented musician with purpose. He explains to the crowd that all proceeds from CDs bought from his Web site go to The Red Cross.

“The victims of Katrina really need our help,” Sweany said. “It’s horrific what they are experiencing.”

Monday nights with Patrick Sweany at The Lime Spider offers students a different way to fight post-weekend boredom – free of charge.

“The Lime Spider is a really great place to hang out and hear music,” Sweany said. “The sound is good, the service and staff are friendly and you see a wide array of people.”

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