Ohio auditor discusses the role of government in communities


Auditor of State Keith Faber. Headshot provided by the state auditor’s office.

Madisyn Woodring Reporter

Government must be proficient in implementing quality aid to its citizens with the least amount of money possible, the state auditor Keith Faber said.

“I always say better, faster, cheaper,” Faber said. “We want government to work better, faster, cheaper because government doesn’t have a profit motive, so we need to have external review to make government be more efficient.”

Faber planned to do a presentation on government fraud and financial management for Kent State accounting students but it was canceled due to the coronavirus. The auditor’s office hires students in accounting that are knowledgeable on these topics.

Faber became state auditor in 2019. As auditor, he ensures the government spends taxes effectively through audits.  

“The primary thing we do as auditor is to find ways for government to become more efficient so people can provide better services for the same amount of money,” Faber said.

One way Faber promotes efficiency in government is by lowering the cost of college.  

His work in the Ohio Senate and as auditor allowed for performance audits to be conducted at universities in Ohio more often. These audits look for ways in which money can be spent more productively within the college.

“If you can make a difference in government, it’s a good thing,” Faber said.

Yet, it is more difficult to conduct normal government activity with the coronavirus spreading. 

“We bring one thousand local government and finance officials to Columbus for our local government conference,” Faber said. “We’re probably in the process of rescheduling that as well some of our other conferences such as our fraud conference.”

The Ohio government must stay up to date on the pandemic and address it as needed, Faber said.

“It can be as simple as trying not to have elected officials have to shake hands with everybody or as complicated as figuring out how to provide essential state services in a different manner,” Faber said.

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