Copy and Design Services looking for students to display work on library walls

Copy and Design Services, located on the second floor of the library, is looking for artists to display their work on the library walls.

They have been presenting artwork by students, faculty, alumni and community members for more than a year.

So far they have only displayed photographs, but Diana Sperko, director of Copy and Design Services, said they are ready and willing to display other artwork.

“We welcome all types of art and anyone who wants to display their work,” Sperko said. “Anyone can do it.”

If students’ work is displayed, Sperko and her crew will make a brochure that includes an artist statement about the work being shown and pictures of the three walls. The artists also have the option of having an open house.

Each exhibit stays open for one month, Sperko said. She finds the work helps draw people into Copy and Design Services, which provides copying services for students.

“Some faculty and students will even just come in here during their short breaks,” Sperko said.

Sperko asks for a portfolio and a phone call if there is any interest. Copy and Design Services can be reached at (330) 672-1852. There is a good chance all applicants will be able to show their work, she said.

“We haven’t said no yet.”

-Jackie Mantey