Police find suspects in Ravenna shooting

Katie Phillips

RAVENNA -Police have two suspects in the early Wednesday morning shooting of a Freedom Township man.

David Moncovish, Jr., 37, of Vair Road, is in stable condition after being shot three times at the McElrath allotment in Ravenna Township.

The shooting was much likely a drug-related incident, said Portage County Sheriff Duane Kaley.

“We’ve gotten information on a drug deal that went sour,” Kaley said. “We have a strong confirmation that this is what happened.”

Moncovish appeared stunned when officers discovered him staggering near the Lovers Lane entrance of Robinson Memorial Hospital’s parking lot in Ravenna.

The Ravenna Fire Department transported Moncovish to the hospital, where he was immediately brought in for surgery.

He suffered gunshot wounds in the rib cage area, leg and arm, Kaley said.

Robinson Memorial Hospital confirmed the patient was stable after surgery. No further information was available.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a 3:37 a.m. call from neighbors reporting gunshot sounds. Responding officers concluded the shooting occurred at the corner of Henderson and Richardson streets, Kaley said.

Officers recovered several handgun shell castings from the scene and later found Moncovish’s truck in the parking lot entrance of the hospital.

A total of eight visible gunshots punctured the driver’s side, and blood was found inside the vehicle.

Officers said there was a second person in Moncovish’s vehicle. The unidentified person was not injured; however, the passenger is in jail on a charge of probation of violation, Kaley said.

Police officers believe Moncovish was shot while in the neighborhood but managed to drive himself to the hospital, which was less than a mile away.

When his vehicle hit rocks near the parking lot entrance and caused him to become stuck, it seems as though he vacated the car and headed toward the hospital on foot, Kaley said.

Moncovish was fully conscious at the time, allowing the officers to have a short conversation with him.

Officers will speak with him again this morning and ask follow-up questions, Kaley said.

“We are following up with investigation,” Kaley said. “We’re pursuing those leads and re-interviewing the victim.”

The incident remains under investigation by the Portage County Sheriff’s Office.

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