WEB EXCLUSIVE: TV time with Bob

Robert Taylor

“Big Brother:” Vindication

CBS, Tuesday at 9


So the Nerd Herd won first and second place, and they played the smartest game by convincing Howie to evict James and blah blah blah-but I don’t care! This was still the most fun season finale of “Big Brother” since the third season.

Julie Chen was certainly in hug-mode Tuesday night because she was actually voluntarily hugging the contestants as the camera panned up for the last time (I say voluntarily because she was hugged by people like Marcellas and Beau before, but she looked scared to death when they did). Like me, I think Julie felt this was the best bunch of contestants that has been in the house since season three. Who will be able to forget Rachel, Kaysar, Howie or America’s sweetheart Janelle?

I felt vindicated for rooting for the Sovereign Six all summer long after listening to the audience reaction to the contestants. Jen (or “the antichrist” as I like to call her), Beau, April and Eric only got friendly, bored clapping while James, Sarah, Rachel, Howie, Kaysar and Janelle got standing ovations. The show wasn’t about seeing Maggie or Ivette win the $500,000; it was about reuniting James with Sarah, Julie confronting April for calling America a piece of crap, Kaysar putting Jen in her place, and Howie telling the girls as he voted that the wrong people were in the final two (and the round of applause he got for the comment).

When it was announced that Maggie won, I couldn’t have cared less. There was no payoff as far as the money went, but character-wise, I loved it.


“Supernatural:” Not So Super

The WB, Tuesdays at 9

What do you get when you combine two likable male actors with atrocious dialogue, predictable mysteries, lame scares and special effects? “Supernatural,” of course.

The show couldn’t have been much worse. From The WB’s opening comment that we should turn off our lights for the fullest effect, every scare was telegraphed from a mile away, and the twists were visible 20 minutes before they happened. The two main characters are big fat cliches (one is the bad boy, the other wants to conform to society), and the overarching plot line, finding their missing father, isn’t interesting because I have no interest in seeing the man who spawned these two bores.

But what else should I have expected from McG, the man who helped to create “Fastlane” and “The Mountain”? For those of you who don’t remember those shows, join the club. His name on any series guarantees loud annoying rock music throughout, scantily clad women and obvious special effects.

The villain from the first episode could not have been any lamer. It was Samara from The Ring, only horny. She even went in and out of focus like Samara, in addition to doing the same amazing contorting and quick motions.

I can’t think of a reason why you would want to watch this series. In fact, I can think of three reasons not to: “House,” “The Amazing Race,” and “The Office.”

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