WKSU goes digital, again

Zach Wilson

Kent State’s WKSU 89.7 FM radio station stepped into the 21st century this summer, adding two more online stations to its line-up and expanding its programming.

WKSU-2: The News Channel and WKSU-3: The Classical Channel joined FolkAlley.com, WKSU’s first online radio station on Aug. 8. WKSU-2 will expand upon the already present National Public Radio programs, adding news from BBC and shows such as “On Point” and “Day to Day.” WKSU-3 will stream classical music 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Robert Burford, WKSU’s public relations director, said the shift in the station’s line of entertainment will allow stations to broadcast digital streams of content.

Digital radio is slowly becoming a staple in homes and car stereos across the country, he said, and it will give listeners the opportunity to hear what they want, when they want.

General Manager Al Bartholet said digital radio will allow radio fans to access high quality content at their convenience.

“The Internet is an amazing tool for broadcasters and listeners alike,” he said.

WKSU became the second radio station nationwide to stream live audio over the Internet in 1994, according to information from the radio station.

“A handful of stations nationwide are currently getting digital radio,” Burford said.

Listeners can stream new content straight from WKSU by accessing its Web site, WKSU.org, and clicking “Now Playing.”

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